What we do in our company


Smart Engineering is a company seeks to give unique and innovative responses to the needs of civil engineering and management business, with knowledge and methodologies developed during years of work in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC BarcelonaTech.

We work in three different areas of Civil Engineering: the smart materials, management and structural calculation and analysis of value. Each of them represents a different dimension of engineering, form the more concrete and small to more abstract and complex. If we make metaphor between engineer and a human body, we would find a fascinating parallel between both facts.

The Smart material are the cells that make up the body, which give it its biological characteristics and give it the ability to live. The management and calculus of structural, is the skeleton that sustains the entire organism and the value analysis is the brain that takes decisions to develop an activity or another.
This simple example is a way to explain our vision and work, showing the complex point of view in our approach.

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Smart Materials

This line of activity considered the development of new materials with improved properties and new functionalities, for use in civil engineering. Focuses on R&D activities or business lines: new non-metallic fibers with sensor properties, drivers from industrial by products concretes and development... Read more

Improving structures

We seek to build new structures that will improve the technical characteristics of the structural engineering by: design, modelling and development of new concrete structural, optimization design and creating new structures using fiber reinforced concrete.....Read more

Decision analysis

We develop mathematical tools to sort, analyze and better understand the world around us. Using multi-criteria analysis, we analyze with MIVES's model management problems information in society by providing tools to helps decision making improving the well-being of society.... Read more