Multiple-criteria value analysis

We develop mathematical tools to sort, analyze and better understand the world around us. Using multi-criteria analysis, we analyze with MIVES's model management problems information in society by providing tools to helps decision making improving the well-being of society.

The necessity of evaluation in nowadays society is broad and complex. Our job is to be able to understand and translate the needs of the customer in our methodology and be able to submit the new proposal to understand their problem and try to find a solution.

What do we do?

Modeling investment scenarios, for companies or administrations. We focus the study on being able to analyze and synthesize large framework features of investment's variables to be able to create a scientific criterion that allows sorting and comparing the different possible options.

Study of the efficiency on work developing. The study of the processes in the development of activity allows analyzing the situation of big companies with a large number of internal processes due their structure, such as companies with big number of: subcontracted companies, suppliers or customers. In this option, it could analyze, classify and prioritize these companies in the development of its activity in search of a way of rewarding the good work. On the other hand, with this methodology also could analyze the strategic position of the company detecting the weakness of the company.

Analysis of innovation from the study's impact of a new innovation in a specific framework's, analyzing it is scope in the change on the other hand, it's also work on the development of new models or product ad hoc for the costumer to improve it is performance.

Companies that trust in us

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