Research and leadership


Smart Engineering, is an engineering company leader in knowledge and innovation. We look to offer high technical solutions for Business Sector and Public Administration on civil engineering and management field. The twofold vision between technology and business it comes with the ability to provide global AND transversal solutions to our clients.

The services developed by the company are R&D Projects, Product Development and Technological Consulting. We adapt our services and methodologies to our customer need, because every project is the main goal of our company.

Our goal is to be a referent of innovation in civil engineering, creating products and services to our clients with the desire to always go one-step further and provide unique and new answers.

Our services


The generation of knowledge by an integrative and practice perspective, makes us able to lead both public and private major programs of R&D. Thus, we cooperate with different entities of the public system, such Universities, Research centers or Technological Centers to generate new proposals involving significant technical advance. With the desire to continue generating and transmitting knowledge currently, we ...Read more

Products and services

We create new products and services to respond to direct and specific needs of the business world and the management. We are and we want to remain a partner of first level that will allow our customers innovate and generate new business opportunities with a high technology base. In this way, we can work for public and private entities with the aim of providing innovative solutions and high value....Read more

Technological consulting

Our experience in the development of different projects has taught us an essential know-how to deal with any problems and propose new work scenarios. We have the ability to advise and assist various public and private institutions both in the improvement of existing ones, such as the study of specific problems and proposing solutions for problems of industrial production... Read more