Construction materials for the future

This line of activity considered the development of new materials with improved properties and new functionalities, for use in civil engineering. Focuses on R&D activities or business lines: new non-metallic fibers with sensor properties, drivers from industrial by products concretes and development materials with biological inhibitors growth coatings.

What do we do?

The first line of business is based on developing concrete with fiber and capacity sensor. Fibers with the characteristic provide electrical and magnetic responses to mechanical stress with sensing capacity of structures and thus better analyze its characteristics are used.

The second line of business is characterize by the incorporation of industrial products with sensing capability, allowing implementing the electrical conductivity of cement materials. This allows obtaining a new range of cement materials with application for earthling, sensing and develop of grounding or the electromagnetic shielding.

The last line of business is focuses on elements of biology and engineering. Developing new cement coatis with biocide elements to prevent biological growth in infrastructures in continuous contact with water, such as channels and reservoirs, thus improves its durability and reduce maintenance costs.

Smart Materials

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