Improving structures and concretes

We seek to build new structures that will improve the technical characteristics of the structural engineering by: design, modelling and development of new concrete structural, optimization design and creating new structures using fiber reinforced concrete.

What do we do?

We search for the optimization of design of structures by means of the calculation, management's and the use of new materials. Using our own methodology of calculation of section analyze, we optimize all kinds of structures, such: channels, pavements, dams or windy turbines tower, introducing reinforced concrete with fibers, creating more sustainable and human structures.

We use the perspective of life- cycle assessment, to understand the relationship between the structure and its surroundings, and to improve their modelling and the durability. Through our own model of study, we analyze several degradation phenomena, such as the alkaline-silica, sulphatic and the attack's effect of chlorides with by a micro-meso-macro vision.

We develop new construction methods by the study of new materials such as concrete reinforced with fibers concrete of high performance, improving durability of concrete's or porous concretes, to bring new features to the structures.
With this approach, we have made world leaders and referents in the study of dams, but we like challenges and studying new structures, with the aim of provide new solutions to make dams and civil engineering more integrated into society.

Companies that trust in us