We are a group of doctors on Civil Engineering and Business perfil, working in the field of materials and structures. We like to be benchmark of knowledge and innovation with the aim of giving scientific and innovative solutions to our clients.


We have over 30 years of experience in R&D both public and private at the highest level. We operate both nationally and internationally always with the desire to build relationships with the company lasting in time.


Transversal point of view

Thinking and analyzing for our clients, using a multidisciplinary perspective that allows you to offer our clients comprehensive and complete responses. Because each project is unique, the answers must be specific to each, but from a global perspective.


We are working to find solutions that take broad and long benefits to society looking for the most efficient option of each situation and optimization alternatives, maximizing the society benefits.


With our customers and the world that surrounds us, integrating and adapting the reality and problems of our customer, to provide them solutions that respond to their problems, with a highest scientific level.